• "Super Hero" (2012) [DEBUT]
  • "Rock Your Body" (2012)
  • "On & On" (2013)
  • "Hyde" (2013)
  • "Jekyll" (2013)
  • "VOODOO" (2013)
Background information
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Genres Pop rock , Synthpop
Years active 2012–present
Labels Jellyfish Entertainment
Members N

Leo Ken Ravi Hong Bin Hyuk

Korean name
Hangul 빅스
Revised Romanization Bikseu
McCune–Reischauer Biksŭ

VIXX (Korean: 빅스; acronym for Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis) is a six member South Korean boy band, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. Their fans are called ST☆RLIGHTS (Starlights).



Before debuting, the VIXX members were 6 of 10 contestants featured in the Mnet's reality show Mydol. The members were chosen in an elimination system through viewer votes. N, Leo, Hongbin and Ravi were featured in Brian Joo's "Let This Die" music video. N, Leo and Ravi were also featured in seo In-guks's "Shake It Up" and Hongbin was featured in Seo In-guk's "Tease Me".

2012: DEBUT, "Super Hero", "Rock Your Body", Jelly Christmas 2012 Heart ProjectEdit

Vixx jumpingresized

"Super Hero" era

Super Hero [DEBUT]

VIXX debuted with "Super Hero" on May 24, 2012 on M! Countdown. Their first overseas performance was at the Otakon Convention in Baltimore, Maryland on July 27.[1][2]

VIXX rock your body era resized

"Rock Your Body" era

Rock Your Body

On August 14, VIXX released their second single album, as well as the music video for the title song, "Rock Ur Body."[3] The group also attended KCON 2012 in Los Angeles, California on October 13. They held a fansign event and performed their singles "Superhero" and "Rock Ur Body" at the Verizon Wireless Theater later that night for the closing concert.[4]

Jelly Christmas 2012 Heart ProjectEdit

VIXX was also part of Jellyfish's winter project, Jelly Christmas 2012 Heart Project, with their label mates Lee Seok Hoon, Park Hyo Shin, Seo In-guk and Sung Shi Kyung. This project was designed to be a special gift to the fans. On December 5, the title track, "크리스마스니까 (Because It's Christmas)", was released digitally.[5]

2013: On & On, Hyde, Jekyll, The Milkyway Showcase, Y.Bird from Jellyfish Island, Voodoo, Jellyfish Christmas 2013Edit

VIXX in purple resized

"On & On" era

On & On

On January 3, Leader N tweeted "I don’t want to be an idol….." & "I have to worry about cameras, managers;;; I can’t even date… It has to turn out well.. Ahㅜ I’m tired…" leaving fans confused and caused some fans to wonder if his tweets were just for marketing for the reality show, The Romantic & Idol which he was cast as one of the members at the time.[6] On January 6, VIXX pre-released their 3rd single "Don’t Want To Be An Idol" which caused fans to understand Leader N's tweets that he posted earlier that week.[7] Teasers were released on January 9, 2013. Prior to the week, VIXX announced their official fan club name, ST☆RLIGHT.[8] Their third single album, I'm Ready To Get Hurt (On and On) was released on January 17.[9]

VIXX u cuties resized

"Hyde" era


On May 13, teaser images and the tracklist for VIXX's first mini-album, Hyde, were released.[10] The mini-album, as well as the music video for the title song, Hyde, was released on May 20.[11]


"Jekyll" era

Jekyll (Hyde Repackage)Edit

On July 25, teaser images and the tracklist for VIXX's repackaged album, Jekyll, were released. The album's title song, "G.R.8.U / You.Are.Im.pres.sive", was released on July 31. They come off from their devilish mask with a totally different concept by adding more artistic taste to their music video with a backward making technology under the concept of collage style. After the album was released on July 31, “G.R.8.U” debuted at #1 on three online music charts, namely Bugs, Naver Music and Soribada.  


On September 20, during SBS' Chuseok special show, Star Face-off, VIXX dressed up as Wonder Girls and performed "So Hot". At the end of the show, VIXX, EXO, BESTie and Hong Jin Young were announced to tie up for 1st place by the judges.

Y.BIRD from Jellyfish IslandEdit

VIXX revealed on October 2, that they would be collaborating with female indie band OKDAL (옥상달빛 or Oksang Dalbit) for the album, Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island. On October 7, the music video teaser for the title song "Girls, Why?" was released and on October 11, the music video for "Girls, Why?" was released.

The Milky Way Global Showcase Edit

VIXX announced their very first global showcase, The Milky Way, on August 25 and they went around all over the world to meet ST☆RLIGHTs for two months from October to November.

131206 VIXX 1ST WIN MUSICBANK resized

VIXX 1ST WIN (131206 Music Bank with "Voodoo Doll")

VOODOO & 1st Win

On November 8, VIXX pre-released a single, as well as the music video for the song, "Only U", from their upcoming full-length album, Voodoo, which was ahead of their full comeback. On November 20, the album's title song, "Voodoo Doll", was released and on November 25, the album itself was released. On December 6, VIXX grabbed the top spot for that week's episode of Music Bank with "Voodoo Doll", making it their first music show win since their debut.

Jelly Christmas 2013Edit

The artists of Jellyfish entertainment, including VIXX, released their annual Christmas song on December 10, titled "Winter Confession" for Jelly Christmas 2013. The song topped the Instiz chart for 2 weeks in a row, the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 charts and also the Gaon charts.

Thank You For Being Born

On December 31, VIXX’s official Twitter account uploaded a picture of Hongbin and his dyed hairstyle caught many fans' attention. In 2013, VIXX secured their position as the boy group trend with their 3 continuous hits, "On and On", "Hyde", and "Voodoo Doll", especially "Voodoo Doll" which earned them their first win on a national music program. Therefore, it was decided that VIXX would promote a follow-up song for about 2 to 3 weeks in 2014 in order to repay their fans for their love. [13] The follow-up song that was promoted was "Thank You for Being Born" (aka: "Thank You For Your Love" and on January 2, VIXX's official Twitter account announced that a music video for the song would be released on the same day. [14]


Stage name Full name Date of birth
Romanized Hangul Romanized Hangul
N Cha HakYeon 차학연 June 30, 1990 (age 25)[15]
Leo 레오 Jung TaekWoon 정택운 November 10, 1990 (age 25)[16]
Ken Lee JaeHwan 이재환 April 6, 1992 (age 23)[17]
Ravi 라비 Kim WonShik 김원식 February 15, 1993 (age 22)[18]
HongBin 홍빈 Lee HongBin 이홍빈 September 29, 1993 (age 22)[19]
Hyuk Han SangHyuk 한상혁 July 5, 1995 (age 20)[20]

N voodooo

N during "Voodoo" era

N (Cha Hakyeon)

Stage Name: N (엔)

Real Name: Cha Hakyeon (차학연)

Position: Leader/Dance/Vocal

Birth Date: June 30, 1990

Height: 180cm (5’9”)

Weight: 62kg (137 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Hometown: Changwon, South Korea

Education: Howon University

Siblings: One older brother; Two older sisters

Twitter: @CHA_NNNNN


Leo during "Voodoo" era

Leo (Jung Taekwoon)

Stage Name: Leo

Real Name: Jung Taekwoon

Position: Main Vocalist

Born: November 10th, 1990

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Height: 183cm (6')

Weight: 63kg or 139lbs

Blood Type: O

Family: Father, mother, three older sisters (he’s the youngest child)

Education: Howon University


Ken voodooo

Ken during "Voodoo" Era

Ken (Lee Jaehwan)

Stage Name: Ken

Real Name: Lee Jaehwan

Position: Main Vocalist

Born: April 6th, 1992

Astrological Sign: Aries

Height: 180cm (5'9")

Weight: 64kg or 141lbs

Blood Type: AB

Family: Father, mother, two older brothers (he’s the youngest)

Education: N/A

Twitter: Jaehwany0406

Ravi vooodoo

Ravi during "Voodoo" era

Ravi (Kim Wonshik)

Stage Name: Ravi

Real Name: Kim Wonshik

Position: Main Rapper, Dancer

Born: February 15th, 1993

Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Height: 183cm (6')

Weight: 63kg or 139lbs

Blood Type: O

Family: Father, mother, younger sister (he’s the oldest sibling)

Education: Howon University

Twitter: AceRavi

Hongbin jekyll cropped

Hongbin "Jekyll" era

Hongbin (Lee Hongbin)

Stage Name: HongBin

Real Name: Lee Hong Bin

Position: Visual, Sub Vocals, Rapper

Born: September 29th, 1993

Astrological Sign: Libra

Height: 181cm (5'9")

Weight: 62kg or 136lbs

Blood Type: B

Family: Father, mother, two older sisters (he’s the youngest child)

Education: Dong-ah Broadcasting College

Twitter: RedBeans93

Hyuk vooodoo

Hyuk during "Voodoo" era

Hyuk (Han SangHyuk)

Stage Name: Hyuk

Real Name: Han Sanghyuk

Position: Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

Born: July 5th, 1995

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Height: 184cm (6')

Weight: 63kg or 139lbs

Blood Type: B

Family: Father, mother, older sister

Education: Hanlim Arts High School

Twitter: HSangHyuk


Single albumsEdit

Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales
2012 Super Hero


18 28
  • KOR: 2,642 (2012)
  • KOR: 10,038 (2013)
2012 Rock Ur Body
  • Released: August 14, 2012
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Label: Jellyfish Entertainment


9 35
  • KOR: 4,914 (2012)
  • KOR: 12,268 (2013)
2013 On and On
  • Released: January 17, 2013
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Label: Jellyfish Entertainment


4 7
  • KOR: 35,906 (2013)
2013 Girls, Why?


4 14
  • KOR: 9,156 (2013)


Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales
2013 Hyde


3 7
  • KOR: 52,649 (2013)
2013 Jekyll - Repackaged Album


3 3
  • KOR: 112,259 (2013)

Full-length albumsEdit

Year Album details Peak chart positions Sales
2013 Voodoo


1 1
  • KOR: 62,960 (2013)

Promotional singlesEdit

Year Title Peak chart positions Album
2012 "Super Hero" 112 Super Hero
"Rock Your Body" 118 Rock Ur Body
2013 "On and On" 25 On and On
"Hyde" 35 Hyde
"G.R.8.U" 14 Jekyll
"Voodoo Doll" 7 Voodoo

Other charted songsEdit

Year Title Peak chart positions Album
"Stop Resisting" 146 Hyde
"Jekyll" 175 Jekyll
"What To Do" 124
"Girls, Why?" 57 Y.BIRD from Jellyfish Island
"VOODOO (Intro)" 134 Voodoo
"Beautiful Killer" 85
"Someday" 79
"Only U" 40
"B.O.D.Y" 93
"Secret Night" 88
"Say U Say Me" 87
"From Now On, You’re Mine" 84
"Thank You for Being Born" 72

OST singlesEdit

Year Title Member(s) Other artist(s) Gaon
2013 "사랑이라는 이름으로 (In The Name of Love)" Ken - 72 The Heirs OST

Collaborative singlesEdit

Year Title Member(s) Other artist(s) Gaon
2012 "크리스마스니까 (Because It's Christmas)" VIXX Sung Si-kyung, Park Hyo-shin, Lee Seok-hoon, Seo In-guk 1 Jelly Christmas 2012 Heart Project
2013 "Ponytail" Ken J'Kyun Ponytail
"겨울고백 (Winter Confession)" VIXX Sung Si-kyung, Park Hyo-shin, Seo In-guk, Little Sister 1 Jelly Christmas 2013


The Milky Way Global ShowcaseEdit

On August 22, 2013, VIXX announced via Twitter and their official YouTube channel that they would be having their first ever global showcase tour. The title of the showcase, The Milky Way, is in reference to their fans (Starlights) all over the world representing the stars that comprise the entire galaxy the Milky Way. The tour would take place over the course of just two months, October and November.

Date City Country Venue
October 20, 2013 Kuala Lumpar Malaysia HGH Convention Centre[21]
October 23, 2013 Osaka Japan Osaka International Convention Centre[22]
October 25, 2013 Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza
November 2, 2013 Stockholm Sweden Oscarsteatern[23]
November 3, 2013 Milan Italy LIVECLUB MILANO[24]
November 8, 2013 Dallas United States Verizon Theatre[25]
November 10, 2013 Los Angeles Club Nokia
November 17, 2013 Seoul South Korea Olympic Gymnastics Arena[26]


Reality showsEdit

Television showsEdit

  • 2013: SBS Heirs (VIXX, episode 4) [32]

Variety showsEdit

  • 2012: Sonbadak TV  K-POP TV VIXX
  • 2012: Arirang Pops in Seoul
  • 2013: Arirang After School Club (VIXX, episode 8 and 35)
  • 2013: Mnet Mnet Wide Open Studio
  • 2013: SBS Star Face-off [33]
  • 2013: MBC Idol Star Athletic Championships [34]

Guest appearancesEdit

Awards and nominationsEdit

Seoul Music AwardsEdit

Year Recipient Award Result
2013 Hyde Bonsang Award Won
VIXX Popularity Award Nominated

Allkpop AwardsEdit

Year Recipient Award Result
2013 VIXX Rising Star Pending

SBS MTV Best of the BestEdit

Year Recipient Award Result
2013 VIXX Best Rookie Group Won

Soompi Gayo AwardsEdit

Year Recipient Award Result
2013 VIXX Best Fandom Pending

Golden Disk AwardsEdit

Year Recipient Award Result
2014 Jekyll Disk Bonsang Award Nominated
VIXX Popularity Award Nominated

Music programsEdit

Music BankEdit

Year Date Song
2013 December 6 "Voodoo Doll"[37]
  • "The Milky Way" Global Showcase poster for Dallas, TX, USA
  • Hyde


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